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                            The Mamallapuram Dance Festival is held every year

      Folk Dance


KavadiKavadi Aattam : Long Bamboo stick, suspended with weightless bamboo pails , filled with flowers or other items as vowed by a devotee, at both the ends of the stick. This is made to rest on the shoulders of the devotee, swinging and swaying to the walk and dance of the devotees who travel a long distance by foot. Kavadi is dedicated to Lord Murugan on important festive occasions . Kavadi Chindu is the most popular lyrics used in Kavadi Attam. Annamalai Reddiar was the most popular composer in this form of art. Kavadi bearers wear Saffron, Yellow and Red costumes with a garland around their neck. This is believed as an endurance test to all the devotees to receive the blessings of Lord Murugan. Besides the Local audiences, it has tremendous support and appreciation in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Singapore and Malaysia with a large diaspora of Tamils. Even in some Bharathanatyam Stages it is performed as a solo Kavadi Chindu number which entertains the audience thoroughly.

Poikkal Kudirai Aattam : This is called as Dummy Horse Dance and also called as Puravai Attam the oldest Folk Dance format of the State of Tamil Nadu, is believed to have been introduced by the Maratha Kings. It is performed to please the Village Guardian God AYYANAR and also performed as a regular entertainment item during village festivals. This also has a releveance to the Sangam Literature Silapathikaram. This is a dance where performer adorns a DUMMY HORSE made out of convenient materials like jute, cardboard, paper mache and glass, have it tied to their hips. Wooden block tied to their foot to make the sound similar to that of the Hoods of a Horse. The movement is rhythmic that produces a scintillating effect, accompanied by music.

Kazhai Koothu : This folk art is a part of the rich history of art and entertainment of Tamil Nadu, similar to the present day Circus and something similar to a local Gymnastics. Balancing on a single rope and travelling the length of the rope between two poles firmly planted in the ground is the most common act. Walking on the ropes, Passing through the fire rings, youngsters doing acrobatic round of flexing their bodies and so on are some of the acts performed. They normally move like gypsies travelling from one place to another, perform and earn their livelihood.

Thappattam : This is another Identified Folk Art of Tamil Nadu. The hand held Drum they use is called as Thappu hence this art is called as Thappaattam. The music from the drums is captivating, is that it attracts the audience in large numbers, normally played during the Temple Festivals and Social Gathering. This is basically a group play. Variances in this format of play is found in every zone and linguistic boundaries of the Country. This art mesmerizes the audience of all ages and denominations.

Bommalattam : It is popularly called as the Puppet Show in English. Cultural messages and the scenes from the great Epics of Ramanayam, Mahabharatham are performed through the puppet show. It is enacted and spread through the performers from behind the screen, with the help of Dolls in the foreground. Iron rods are suspended from above and the dolls [only visible through a window opening from a height of 10 ft. height] are connected by black strings manipulated by the performers from behind [not visible to the audience] to achieve different movements of the dolls to fulfill a sequence and the play is enacted from the beginning to the end.

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