Kamaraj Sagar (Sandynullah Reservoir)  The Kamaraj Sagar dam is a good picnic spot and can be reached via Kandal amidst every old trees and green shrubs of various terrains and through Hindustan Photo films on the Gudalur road. It is a very good picnic spot on the slopes of the Wenlock Downs. Apart from studying nature and the environment, fishing provides excellent game in Kamaraj Sagar as well as in the Upper Bhavani and in Avalanche, the waters of which are especially rich in trout.

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary
Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary : This is the first Sanctuary to be set up in India and forms part of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Park. It is located 36 kms from Ooty via Kalhatty and 67 kms via Gudalur. From Mysore it is 91 kms away. This Sanctuary extends over an area of 321 sq. kms in the junction of the three states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka,Kerala. It is at an elevation of 1,140 mtrs. A variety of habitat ranging from tropical evergreen forest, moist deciduous forest, moist teak forest, dry teak forest, secondary grasslands swamps are found here.

It is rich in wildlife, like Elephants, Gaur, Tiger, Panthere, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Barking Deer,wild boar, Porcupine etc., birds like-Minivets,Hornbill,fairy blue birds, jungle fowls etc., and reptiles like python, monitor lizards flying lizards etc. You can take a ride into the jungle on the elephant back or take a vehicle ride along designated visitor's route inside the jungle. The elephant rides have to be booked at Ooty.

The Mayor river and the life around it is an experience by itself. The Theppakadu elephant camp is a popular tourist attraction.

For more information on how to get to these places and where to stay, contacts the Wildlife Warden's Office, the DFO's office Udhagamandalam and the office of the Nilgiri Wildlife and Environment Association.

Fishing in the Nilgiris : Both fly fishing and spinning methods could prove and adventure to fish hunters. Trout fishing is available in Avalanche lake with prior permission from the Fisheries Department, located near the Ooty Bus stand.

Snooker : Snooker was invented in the Nilgiris at the Ooty Club. Today, apart from the Ooty Club, Coonoor Club, gymkhana Club, the Lawely Institute and the bigger hotles, there are quite a few snooker parlours in town offering good entertainment. 

Golkf Course
Golfing : The Ooty Golf Course is unique and playing on it is an exceptional experience. It is an 18 hole natural golf course located at a height of 1,400 ft above MSL and is spread over an area of 193 acres. It is said that if you can play to a single digit handicap on this course, You an play under par anywhere in the world.

Horse Racing : A very popular sport during the summer months of April, May and June. You can see the thoroughbreads in action here. The race course,located in the heart of Ooty, is about 2.4 km long and is one of the best courses in India.



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