Yercaud Lake Yercaud is situated at an altitude of 4970 feet , on the Shevaroys Hills of the Eastern Ghats, located in Salem District of Northern Tamil Nadu. Because of the abundance of Trees and that happened to be near the Lake made the locals to call this area as Yeri – Kaadu meaning Lake Forest. Later on the name turned out to be YERCAUD and it is also called as Jewel of the South. Yercaud Taluk spreads in an about 382.67 area which includes the Reserve Forest also. While rest of this region, including the predominantly short and rocky hills of the Eastern Ghats welcomes all with its cool climate. The temperature never rises above 290 and does not drop down below 130 degrees. Yercaud is less expensive than either Udhagamandalam or Kodaikanal. Yercaud population is 36,863 (2011 census) .

Botanical Survey of India maintains an Orchidarium in Yercaud. Apart from this, Coffee plantations are a plenty here. Abundance of Orange Groves too are found in this region. Bananas, Pears, Jack Fruit and spices like Pepper are the other major production of this region . Scenically, Yercaud is an enchanting Hill Station on the Western Ghats and Trekking is the most enjoyable way to spend time.

Bison, Deer, Rabbits, Hares, Foxes, Mongoose, Squirrels, Partridges, Snakes, Bulbuls, Kites, Sparrows, Swallows and the Bird of Paradise form the Wild Life habitats of Yercaud region.

Places for sight-seeing include the Lake, Lay’s Seat, Killiyur Falls, Pagoda Point, Arthu’s Seat, Kaveri Peak and the Servarayan temple at 5,326 ft.

General Information

Area : 383q. kms.
Altitude : 1515 Metres
Population : 36,863 (2011 Census)
Climate :
  Max Min.
Winter : 25° . C 13 °. C
Summer : 30° . C 16° . C
Average 13°.C to 30°.C
Rainfall : Min 1500 mm - Max 2000 mm .
Season : Throughout the year
Clothing Winter : Ordinary cotton with light wollen pull -over is enough.
Clothing - Summer : Ordinary Cotton.
Languages Spoken : Tamil and English.
STD Code : 04281

Places of Interest

Yercaud Lake is first attraction for a Tourist. It is a picturesque water body surrounded by gardens and well wooded area. Boating in the cold water of the lake is enchanting as well as refreshing.

The Anna Park : Maintained by the Horticultural Department, is located near the Lake. It houses a variety collection of many species of plants found around Shevaroys Hills. Annual Flower show is the summer attraction during the month of May every year. Exclusive Japanese Park enclosure that finds the Bonsai collections, the Japanese style of Horticulture, is an added attraction to this Park.

Yercaud Lake

Lady's Seat : It overlooks the serpentine ghat road and provides a breath taking view. The tourists are gifted to have a panoramic view of the plains below and Mettur Dam on the Cauvery river, through the Telescope mounted at the Lady’s seat watch tower. Golf

Pagoda Point :  Located on Eastern part of Yercaud, on the 5th Km from the Yercaud Lake. The local tribes had built an arrangement of rocks in four Piles that looked like a pyramid. This made the place to be also called as Pyramid Point.


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