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Kolli Hills : A Serene and Pristine Mountain range, located in the Central Tamil Nadu, on the Eastern Ghat, 55 Kms from Namakkal, located at a height of 1370 m. It is 28 Kms long north –south and 19 Kms wide east-west, and the entire block covers an area of almost 440 km2. It runs almost parallel to the east coast of South India. The tallest peak is Vettakaramalai and it rises up to 4663 feet. A view of Kolli Hills, from the plain of Namakkal will look like a flat-topped table. Kolli Hills has a population of 42,200 [2011census]. It retains almost all of its nature because it is not encroached by the Commercial Trespassers. That ghat road with 70 hair pin bends takes the tourists to the hills. The government reserve forests are seen in Ariyur, Puliyan Solai, Selur and Vazhavandhi Nadu. An area of 200 hectares is in the process of reforestation. Aiyar, Varattar are the major rivers that travel through the hills.

Legend Ramayanam mentioned this as Madhuvanam (Honey Forest) in the epic. Kolli Malai attracts one and all for its natural beauty. Tigers and Elephants which were once common in it are now extinct; only small animals such as Black Bears, Hares, Porcupines, and Wild Dogs are seen. Jack Fruit, Guvava, Hill Banana, Pineapple, Pepper, Coffee, Cardamom, Tapioca, Honey are the main agricultural produces.

Kolli Hills, once formed a natural boundary between the Kongu Nadu and Chola Nadu. A stone image of Theerthangar, reminds us of the earlier Jainism influence. The beginning of the Christian era saw the Mountain and its habitants ruled by the Mazhavar rulers and the most popular and celebrated Archer, Great Philanthropist and the King VALVIL ORI. A legend goes thus: An arrow of the King Ori first pierced an Elephant, then went on to pierce through the mouth of the Tiger, then a Deer and the Pig, one by one and finally passes through a Monitor Lizard killing all of them at one strike. A statue was erected to honor the king in 1975 and the Government conducts Annual festival (VALVIL ORI VIZHA) named after him. Kolli hills and King ORI finds prominence in Sangam literatures like Agananooru, Purananooru, Kurunthogai, Pathitrupathu and Natrinai. There is a famous 12th century Shiva Temple called Arappalleeswarar Temple at Periakoviloor near Akasa Gangai water falls. Deity of an ancient and powerful goddess called Kolli Paavai or Ettukkai Amman is also worshipped at Kolli Hills. The other important place is, the tribal market located at Semmedu where one can get fresh fruits grown at the hilltop. Agaya Gangai a 300 ft tall waterfall, Namma Aruvi and Masila Aruvi are the falls that attracts tourist in large numbers.

Seekuparai and Selur Nadu are two view points of Kolli Hills, to view the abundance of beauty . Tamil Nadu Tourism department has created a park and approach road to Seekuparai. The district administration is taking steps to form another ghat road called Nariankadu-Mullukurichi section with only 2-3 hairpin bends. Telescope House (at Solakadu), View Points at 34,35,36 and 37 hairpin bends. Solakkadu, Akasa Gangai, Selur Nadu are other view points available on the way and in the hills.. Akasa Gangai is an enchanting 300 feet waterfall of river Aiyaru, located near Arappaleeswarar temple. Thousands of steps lead down to the falls and a great Trekking path is available too.

Availability of Major tree species are Neem, Veepaloai, Usil, Velvel, Neermathi, Tamarind, Seetha Odai, Naval, Illupai, Silver Oak and other Medicinal plants, paves way for conducting Research about Medicinal plants at the Government Herbal Farm in Kolli Hills. The Government holds a tourism festival in August. Local Administration has created a Botanical Garden, a Boat House too.

A 12th century Shiva temple in the Valappur Nadu situated on the stream Aiyaru. Its is dedicated to Arppalli Iswarar-Arhcalai amman. It is believed that Arappalli Iswarar resides in the small fish of Aiyaru, the temple has also the name of Fish temple. It is customary for the pilgrims to catch the sacred fish by hand, adorn them with gold or silver nose rings in fulfillment of vows.

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    Road : There are Bus services from Namakkal and Salem to Kolli Hills.

     Rail : Rail Services are available to Namakkal and connected by road to Kolli Hills

      Air : Nearest Airport Salem is 75 Kms.




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