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Navagraha temples
Murugan Temple
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Sri Brahadeeswara Temple : 
 This popularly known as Thanjai “Periya Koil” [Big Temple]. The Great Chola Emperor Raja Raja Cholan I [985-1012], dedicated this temple to Lord Siva in the year 1010 AD . This temple celebrated its 1000th year of existence in the year 2010. It is located amidst fortified walls presumed to have been added in the 16th century. This great temple speaks about the architectural excellence of the region. The Tower above the sanctum Sanctorum is 216 feet tall. This tower is one of the tallest tower of its kind in the whole world. Kumbam or chikaram a bulbous structure above the tower cut out of one rock weighs almost 80 tons, is regarded as the show case of the Architectural Excellence of the period. It is believed that the Cupola / Sikaram was rolled up the incline built from the Village called Saara Pallam now called as Vayalur, more than 5 Kms from the BIG TEMPLE. The majestic tower and lifting the cupola to the top is a testimony to the engineering skill of the Chola Architects, who planned its construction in such a manner that the shadow of the Cupola does not fall on the ground. 12 ½ feet tall, 8 feet long and 5 ft wide sacred bull or Nandi made out of a single rock weighing 25 tons installed outside, in front of the sanctum Sanctorum. The Lingam is 13 ft tall, with a circumference of 54ft.                           

PAPANASAM [30 kms] : Palaivana Nathar Swamy temple constructed by the Cholas and legendry 108 Sivalangam temples have been established by Lord Rama after the war against Ravana, are the two important temples of this area. The granaries here are specimen of effective storage system of Grains. There is a Granary, constructed by Nayaks of 16th century which is 36 ft tall and can hold a capacity of 3000 kalam [ unit of measure] of grains. The State Archaeological Department has declared it as a monument.

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