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Dharmapuri District, on the northwestern part of Tamilnadu, was established on 2nd October 1965. River Cauvery flows on its western side. It is located between latitudes N 11 47° and 12 33 ° and longitudes E 77 02° and 78 40° . The total area of Dharmapuri District is 4500 Sq Kms. It is divided into Dharmapuri, Palacode, Pennagaram, Harur, Pappireddipatti Taluks. 70 % of the work force is dependent on Agriculture and Mango Production fills the Horticultural side. Inland Fishing is another avenue for revenue.

Pennagaram, Harur and Palacode blocks are famous for its High Quality Black Granite. Quartz is available in Kendiganapalli, A.Velampatti, Pethampatti; and Malibdinum identified as Good Conductor is available in Harur.

The climate of the Dharmapuri District is generally warm. Maximum Temperature : 38°C in April and Minimum Temperature : 17°C in January. Dharmapuri District receives an annual rainfall of 896 mm. The District Population is 15,02,900 and the Town’s Population is 2,60,381.

On the Tourism Front Hogenakal and Theerthamalai are the most popular tourist and leisure locations in Dharmapuri District.

Places of Interest

nature HOGENAKKAL FALLS : It is majestic and beautiful water falls from an altitude of 750 ft. It is 46 kms from Dharmapuri with Melagiri Hills in its backdrop. Cauvery , one of the major and perennial rivers of India flows through this town. The Two Kannada words HOGE means smoke and Kal is rock as a whole it means Smoky Rock. Some even call it as Niagara of India. It is a perfect visual Treat with gushing Cauvery and lush green hilly area. The water fall rushes through many medicinal herbs and shrubs. Bathing underneath gives a refreshing feeling and also cures many diseases. The area is filled with Mulberry Fields. Ayyanars [guardian/protector of village] terra cotta Images are located near the falls. Hogenakal water spreads for miles around. Hence local boats called parisal gives the tourists an opportunity to go for a ride around the waters for thrill and also experience the scenic beauty. Apart from the falls here, there are oil massage units by the locals around and many tourists use them too. Fish caught from the waters here is tastily cooked by the locals and served to the visiting tourists. The Forest department maintains a Zoo and a Crocodile park here. Full Moon days in the month of Thai [Jan-Feb] and Adi [ Jul-Aug] and Adi Perukku festival or the 18th day of Adi Month [Jul-Aug] attracts more crowd to this area.

Hogenakal FallsTheerthamalai : It is an important and sacred temple, 16 kms from Harur in Dharmapuri District. Theerthagiriswarar temple located here can be reached by the one Km steep trekking path. Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva here. There are five springs around the temple and hence this place is called Theerthamalai. Bathing in these springs is believed to wipe off the sins and its ill effects. Rama Theertham is believed to have been created by the arrow of Sri Rama. It rushes down from 30 ft height and it is a perennial water source. The other theerthams are in the names of Agasthya, Agni, Kumara and Gowri. Besides these theerthams there is Hanuman Theertham 16 kms from the main temple on the banks of River Pennar. Even during the dry days of the river, water flows down from this falls. Vashista theertham is another theertham found atop the hill. Close by this are the granite sculptures of Saptha Kanyakas, which can be viewed only through the hole in the rock. The Ten day festival in the month of March is the most important festival.

The temple has inscriptions in Telugu and Kannada that relates to Vijayanagaram and Chola rulers. Sila Naicken had his well fortified garrison atop the hill from where the entire surroundings can be viewed.



  Hogenakkal, Pennagaram, Phone No. 04342-256447

Name of other Hotels Places
1. Hotel C.M.Boarding & Lodging Hogenakkal.
2. DDDC Lodge Hogenakkal.
3. Hotel Priya Lodge Hogenakkal.
4. Hotel Sri Rama Boarding & Lodging Dharmapuri.
5. Hotel D.N.C Lodge Dharmapuri.
6. Hotel New Dharmapuri Lodge Dharmapuri.
7. Hotel Vijay Lodge Dharmapuri.

Travel  Mass Travels, Pennagaram. (16 km from Hogenakkal)

There are Nationalized Banks at Pennagaram (16 km for Hogenakkal) and at Dharmapuri


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