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7DX Theatre

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The Pandyas, Cholas, Pallavas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagar, Nayaks, Irukkuvelirs, Mutharaiyars, Thondaiman have ruled this region at one or different point of a time in the past. This was the first state to join the Indian Union after freedom. Pre-historic megalithic burial Urns, Dolmens stone found here, point to the civilization of the Tamils of the past. Sangam Literature mentions this zone as a notable place of highly cultured elites.

The Historical, Arts, Architectural, Archaeological and Cultural remains and exhibits of Kodumbalur, Narthamalai, Kudimiyanmalai, Kunnandar koil, Sittanna vasal, Thirumayam, Peraiyur, and Avudayar koil gives us the Cultural Heritage face of this District. It is presumed that this district had the tag of Princely State from the 17th Century or even before that period. This area is the centre of culture, civilization, art, architecture, fine arts and politics. Hence Historians, anthropologists, archaeologists and lovers of art finds abundance of interest in this area. It can be rightly called as the Treasure House of Tamil Civilization. District population is 16,18,345 ( 2011 census ) and the town population is 1,17,215 ( 2011 census )

Places of Interest

Avur : It is 28 Kms from Pudukottai and 23 Kms from Tiruchi. A beautiful Roman Catholic church was built by Father John Venantius Bouchet in the year 1547. The church was reconstructed in 1747 in the form of a Cross. Father Joseph Beschi , popularly known as Veeramamunivar, began his missionary life at Avur. The Mother Mary is called locally as Periyanayaki. The Easter Passion play followed by car Festivals, takes place in summer, which attracts people of all faiths from faraway places too.

Kunnandar Koil : It is a monument of national importance , located at 25 Kms on Kiranur-Killukottai road. The rock cut cave temple and the Mandapam in vijayanagar style made of pink granite at the foot hill is a site taken up for archaeological studies. It has admirable portrait sculptures in the cave.

Thirupunavasal : This is 60 Kms from Pudukottai and 30 Kms from Avudaryaikoil. The temple here is called as Viruthapureeswarar Temple. This is a Padal Petra Sthalam. That means Saivite Saints Thirunavukarasar and Thirugnana Sambandar have sung hymns in praise of Lord Siva here. The vaikasi festival is the main festival of the year.

Kattubhava Pallivasal : Kattu Bhava Dargah is 10 Kms from Tirumaiyam. Bhava Fakruddin Aulia also known as Kattu Bhava is entombed here. This Dargah was built by the Arcot Nawab in the 17th century. People of all religious faith without disparity throng here. Kanthuri, the annual festival attracts large number of pilgrim from all parts of the region.

Kodumbalur :  It is an archaeological site located 35 Kms from Pudukottai and 40 Kms from Tiruchirapalli. This place finds a mention in Sangam period literature classic Silapathigaram. The Muvarkoil built in the 10th century AD is a fine show case of Tamil Art and Architecture. Muchukundeswarar temple was built by the Cholas. Archaeological monuments can be visited between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm every day and the ASI collects entrance fee of Rs.5/- for Indians and Rs.100/- for foreigners.


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