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Tamil Nadu is known especially for its blue beaches and sunny skies. Some of south India's spectacular beaches More...

7DX Theatre

The 7DX Theatre located near Mahabalipuram bus stand screens India's first and only historical 7DX movie, Pallava Dynasty - A time travel.. More...

VGP Snow Kingdom

Hot. Humid. Summer, 12 months of the year! These are some of the words you may associate with Chennai. But VGP Snow Kingdom, a snow leisure family entertainment centre.. More...


V.O.C. Memorial - Ottapidaram : It is 20 kms from Thoothukudi and 3 Kms from Panchalankuruchi. It is the Birth place of V.O.Chidambaranar. The house he was born has been converted into a Memorial in honour of him. He was a strong freedom fighter and he was the first, to set sail his ship to Colombo against East India Company for which he was imprisoned. Because of this brave act, He was given the popular title called Kappal Ottiya Thamizhan.

Mayura Thottam : It is 22 kms from Ottapidaram. Mayurm means peacock in local language and Thottam means Garden. Large Peacock farm, in an area of 55 acres is located here, hence this place is named as Mayura Thottam. The Peacocks have made this farm their home and even breed here. The entire farm is full of Coconut Groves and Guava Trees. Tourism Department has accommodation with Bed and Breakfast plan for the benefit of the tourists. October and November is the best period, when tourists can visit and enjoy the grand sight of Peacock Dance throughout the farm. Contact 0461-2366365 for further details.

Ettayapuram :
Bharathiar Manimandapam [1882 - 1921 ] :  This is the birth place of Mahakavi Bharathiyar, the great Tamil Patriot and Poet, who led the Indian Independence movement in Tamil Nadu through his revolutionary poems. The memorial was built in the year 1945 by Kalki Krishna Moorthy and this effort had the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi too. This Manimandapam houses the exhibits of various photos and other items used by Bharathiar. Public Relations Department took over the administration of this memorial during the centenary year celebration of Bharathiar in 1981.

Sinthalakarai Vekkaliamman Temple : It is 5 kms from Ettayapuram. Sri Ramamoorthy Swamigal established the Sinthalkarai Kali Parasakthi Tavasithar Peedam here. The statue of 42ft Vekkali Amman without a roof above is worshipped here. This pilgrim center is famous for the miracles of Sinthalakarai. It is believed that Mahakavi Bharathi wrote his poem Yadhumaagi Ninrai Kali inspired by this gigantic Kali.

Meiganapuram :  An ancient and famous Christian Village located here comes under Tiruchendur Taluk. It’s earlier name was Nedu Vilai. In 1830 this was changed to meignanapuram [abode of wisdom]. The St.Paul’s Church was established in the middle of the 19th Century. The main attraction is the community Dinner popularly known as “Asanam”, during the St.Paul’s Day celebration on the 25th January every year. Locals and Natives of this village from all over India assemble here on this day.



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Tamil Nadu History

The history of Tamizhagam goes back about 5000 years... More...

Chettinad House

Chettinad- The Land of Heritage & Devotion It is a place that enchants and enhances the soul. More...


Tamil Nadu is a land of many festivals. January marks the beginning of the festival season in the state. More...

Isha Yoga Center

Thirty three kilometers from the hustle and bustle of Coimbatore rise the Vellaiyangiri Hills, located at an altitude of 6000 feet. More...
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