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7DX Theatre

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Tirunelveli is located on the banks of the river Tamiraparani and it is 630 kms from the State Capital Chennai. It was the capital of Pandiyas and has a history of over 2000 years. A legend says Vedasarma a strong devotee of Lord Siva had sown the paddy and went to the river. There was heavy rain in the area, in spite of the downpour, the paddy did not submerge in the water. Hence this place was called as “Tiru-nel-veli” (Divinely protected paddy). On acquisition from the Nawab in 1801, the British named this area as Tinnevelly. Popular Kanthimathi-Nellaiyappar temple, dedicated to Siva and Parvathy is located here. 1000 pillar hall with musical pillars and beautiful sculptures are special architectural features of this temple. Krishnapuram Temple located 13 kms from the town, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu called as Thiruvenkatanathar. The District has a population of 30,77,233[2011 census] and Town’s population is 4,74,838 [2011 census].

General Information

Area 87.64 sq.kms
Population   Town : 4,74,838 [2011 census]
District : 30,77,233 (2011 census)
Altitude 100 metres (Approximate)

Summer :

Max : 34.8°C

Winter :

Max : 21.6°C

Rainfall 100 cms - Average
Season Throughout the year
Clothing Tropical
Languages Spoken Tamil and English

Places of Interest

Kanthimathi – Nellaiappar Temple: This is one of the Five Celestial Dance Sabhas [Divine Dance Stages] of Lord Siva. This temple is called as Thamara Sabhai [ Copper]. Chidambaram [Pon / Gold Ambalam] , Madurai [Velli / Silver Ambalam], Tiruvalankadu [Rathinam / Ruby] and Kutralam [Chitiram / Murals] are the other Four Sabhas of Lord Siva. Most popular and famous twin temple of Kanthimathi Nellaiyappar dedicated to Goddess Parvathi [called as Kanthimathi] and Lord Siva[called as Nellaiyappar] is located in an area of 14 acres. It is one of the biggest of its kind in Tamil Nadu in the heart of the Tirunelveli Town , on the banks of Tamiraparani River.

The Musical Pillars in the Mani Mandapam which produces sound in various pitches when struck, was the creation of Nindrasir Nedumaran [Koon Pandian] in the 7th Century. The Somavara Mandapam, the 1000 pillared hall, and the Tamira Sabha with excellent wood work, are the most attractive and exotic structures of this huge Temple Complex.

In the Earlier Years, the Nellaiappar and Kanthimathi temples were two independent structures with space in between. It was the great efforts of Vadamalaiyappa Pillaiyan who connected both the temples by building a structure called ‘Sangili Mandapam’ or called as Chain Mandapam in English, in the year 1647. A Vasantha Mandapam with 100 pillars, in the midst of a Flower Garden to the west of the Sangili Mandapam was the contribution of Thiruvenkadakrishna Mudaliar in the year 1756.

Within the temple complex, near the sanctum sanctorum , there is a shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Nellai Govindan) in the reclining posture. It is believed that, Lord Vishnu descended down to this holy place to solemnize the celestial Wedding of Lord Siva and Parvathi. Nataraja and Sivakami , A shrine to Sandhana Sabhapati (adorned with sandal paste) behind the Thaamira Sabha, and another shrine to Nataraja called as the Periya Sabhapati are the other important deities of the temple. It is a grand spectacle to view Sandhana Sapapathi through Thamara Sabhai. Festivals are conducted on special occasion like Arudhra Darshan [Dec-Jan] to these deities. Vasantha Navarathri, Tirukalyanam, Saradha Navrathri, Ani [Aug-Sept] Brahmotsavam are the important festivals of this temple.

Saint Agastiyar, and Lord Rama after the Mareecha Vadham , killing of Mareecha [Demon in the form of a Deer] believed to have worshipped Lord Siva in this Temple.

coutrallamSankaran Koil [56 kms] : Arulmigu Sankaranarayanaswamy Thirukkovil is located in this Town. Car[chariot] Festival and Adi Thabsu Vizha [jun-jul] are popular and important festivals that attracts lakhs of devotees. This town is well connected to Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi, Tenkasi and so on.

Kutralam [59 kms] : Located at an altitude of 170m, on the Western Ghats, is called as the “Spa of the South”. It serves both as a Tourist Location and Health Resort too. Since water falls rush through forest of herbs, the water has Therapeutic Value. June to September, the best season, attracts thousands of tourists every day.


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