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Nattarasan Kottai : It is 9 kms from Sivagangai on the Madurai -Thondi Road. Kannudaya Nayaki amman Temple is the famous temple located here. The temple is efficiently managed by the village Nagarathars. The famous poet Kambar, who wrote Ramanayam in Tamil, spent his last days in Nattarasankottai and his tomb is located here.

Kollangudi : It is 10 kms on the East of Sivagangai on Madurai – Thondi Road. Kollan in tamil means Blacksmith, Kudi means village. This is the village where arms, warfare equipments were made for Marudhu, hence derived its name Kollan Kudi. This village is famous for Vettudaiya Kaliamman Temple. The Annual festival of this temple falls in the month of Apr-May.

Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary : It is near Tiruppathur. The Vettangudi birds sanctuary is the natural Habitat of winter migratory birds. This is a safe place for roosting, breeding and feeding. There is a considerable diversity in their nesting and feeding behavior. This sanctuary is in an area of 40 hectares and covers the tanks of Vettangudi, Periyakollukudi and Chinna Kollukkudi villages in the area of operation. This Sanctuary is located near Thirupathur and Madurai.



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