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 Int roduction

Yercaud Lake This quiet little hill station on the Shevaroy hills of the Eastern ghats is the only one of its kind in northern Tamil Nadu. While the rest of this region is generally dry, including the predominantly short and rocky hills of the Eastern ghats, Yercaud presents a welcome contrast with its cool climate

where temperature never rises above 30ºC and dip below 13ºC . It is also a less expensive place than either Udhagamandalam or Kodaikkanal.

Coffee and citrus fruits, most notably oranges, are grown in abundance apart from bananas, pears and jack. Scenically, Yercaud is as enchanting and picturesque as the hill stations on the Western ghats and trekking here can be one of the most pleasurable ways to pass time.

Places for sight-seeing include the Lake, Lady's Seat, Killiyur Falls, Pagoda Point, Arthur's Seat, Kaveri Peak and the Shevaroyan temple

General Information

Area : 383q. kms.
Altitude : 1515 Metres
Population : 36863 (1991 Census)
Climate :
  Max Min.
Winter : 25° . C 13 °. C
Summer : 30° . C 16° . C
Average 13°.C to 30°.C
Rainfall : Min 1500 mm - Max 2000 mm .
Season : Throughout the year
Clothing Winter : Ordinary cotton with light wollen pull -over is enough.
Clothing - Summer : Ordinary Cotton.
Languages Spoken : Tamil and English.
STD Code : 04281

Yercaud Lake
Places of Interest

Yercaud Lake The first thing that attracts a visitor is the lake. It is a picturesque pool surrounded by gardens and well wooded trees. Boating in the cold water of the lake is enchanting as well as refreshing.

The Anna Park : Near the Lake. It is a lovely garden.

Yercaud Lake

Lady's Seat : It overlooks the winding ghat road and provides a breath - taking view. GolfThis view is spectacular at night with the twinking lights of Salem town in sight. The Tourists can have a panoramic view of the plains below through the telescope mounted at the Lady's seat.

Pagoda Point  Another vantage view point.


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